“Extremely beneficial.”

The team at NBCH were fantastic. The experience was extremely beneficial and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in becoming healthier.

— Glenn (Male)

“Pleasantly surprised.”

This was my first colonic irrigation experience and I was pleasantly surprised. I received excellent professional service and will gladly recommend to my friends.

 — Colleen (Female)

“Far superior than any other colonic system I have used.”

Caryn is a very professional, caring and friendly hydrotherapist and I have found the treatments have helped me so much in getting my health back on track. The session is incredibly discreet and I leave feeling cleansed and energised. This system is far superior than any other colonic system I have used (and I have tried many here and in other countries). Although I did not use the colonics for weight loss I have found it has helped my lymphatic system and digestion and did lose weight so an extra bonus!

— Tanya (Female)

“Highly recommend.”

I enjoyed my sessions at the clinic , learning from the Caryn and Michelle about the digestive system was very enlightening. They are very professional and caring in the way they treat you as a client and highly recommend them and I will be an ongoing client.

— D.M. (Male)

“Professional service.”

Very professional and caring. Very clean and hygienic and effective. 

— Jila (Female)

“Discreet and private.”

Fantastic overall experience! Professional, friendly and attentive staff. Discreet and private sessions in a relaxed environment. Feeling much better for it!

— Natalie (Female)

“Recommend to sufferers of gut health issues.”

Great advice, very professional, immediate results and all-round highly recommended to those who have suffered gut health issues.

— R.L. (Male)

“Amazing staff.”

Amazing staff and know everything about the gut ! Highly recommended!

— D.M. (Female )

The road to health is paved with good intestines
— Sherry A Rogers