What do I wear to the clinic?

Please wear comfortable clothes, preferably no dresses.  Most clients keep their own shirt/jumper on during the session.  Clients are covered with a clinic sheet from the waist down during the session.   Bringing a pair of warm socks in winter is a great idea to stay comfortable.

Is Colon Hydrotherapy embarrassing?

No. The session is carried out in a private room, in a professional clinic with a fully trained Colon Hydrotherapist.

Is Colon Hydrotherapy painful?

A Colon Hydrotherapy session is generally a comfortable experience for many people. 

Sometimes clients feel slight cramping throughout the session but self massage and a clinic hot water bottle can assist with the relief of this.  

A client may occasionally feel slightly nauseous as toxic waste is moving out of the body but this feeling passes quickly with the release of toxins.

The experience is always different and is influenced by the diet and health of the client.  One consistent report from clients is that after the initial session the subsequent sessions are more comfortable, pleasant, easy and even quite enjoyable!

Does Colon Hydrotherapy wash away the good bacteria with the bad?

If the colon is toxic and not functioning optimally it is likely that it is home to more bad bacteria than good bacteria.  By cleansing the colon, old stuck faecal matter, mucous, toxins, gas, parasites, bad bacteria are washed out of the body.  Some good bacteria is also likely to be released from the body with all the waste.

Once all the old toxic material and congestion is cleared, the colon is then a much better environment for the good healthy bacteria to thrive.  We provide a probiotic supplement after the session and encourage clients to continue consuming a probiotic or probiotic rich foods.

How many Colon Hydrotherapy sessions will I need?

Everyone is different.  The amount of sessions would be determined by the health of the colon initially and the client’s overall health goals. 

Even 1 Colon Hydrotherapy session will be of benefit but to thoroughly cleanse the colon, initially it can be a good idea to have around 3 - 6 sessions over a 3 week period.  This is a great way to kick-start a detox or healing program. 

For the best long term results, clients may choose to have maintenance sessions intermittently following the initial sessions.  Some clients prefer a single session monthly and others prefer to wait for 3-4 months and then do a series of colonics all in one week.  Your Colon Hydrotherapist can chat further with you to identify which maintenance program will meet your goals.